63 National Parks in the United States

The United States is currently home to 423 national park sites including the national parks themselves, historic sites, monuments, and other sites. There are currently 63 national parks, with New River Gorge National Park being the last one established in December of 2020.

This page contains a list of the current National Parks in the United States as of early 2022. The dates shown are when the parks received national park status. Many of these parks were still part of the national park system but held a different status for years prior to being officially established.

Denali national park
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

List of 63 National Parks in the United States

This table of U.S. National Parks can be sorted and filtered alphabetically, by state, by size, by age, and by yearly visits. Download a free printable PDF list of these national parks below that includes all the data from the following table.

*Yearly visits are from 2020.

Park NameEstablishedState(s)/LocationAcreageYearly Visits
Yellowstone National Park1872Wyoming, Montana2,219,790.713,806,306
Yosemite National Park1890California761,747.502,268,313
Sequoia National Park1890California404,062.63796,086
Mount Rainier National Park1899Washington236,381.641,160,754
Crater Lake National Park1902Oregon183,224.05670,500
Wind Cave National Park1903South Dakota33,970.84448,405
Mesa Verde National Park1906Colorado52,485.17287,477
Glacier National Park1910Montana1,013,125.991,698,864
Rocky Mountain National Park1915Colorado265,807.253,305,199
Lassen Volcanic National Park1916California106,589.02542,274
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park1916Hawaii325,605.28589,775
Hot Springs National Park1916Arkansas5,554.151,348,215
Denali National Park1917Alaska4,740,911.1654,850
Grand Canyon National Park1919Arizona1,201,647.032,897,098
Zion National Park1919Utah147,242.663,591,254
Bryce Canyon National Park1928Utah35,835.081,464,655
Acadia National Park1929Maine49,076.632,669,034
Grand Teton National Park1929Wyoming310,044.363,289,638
Carlsbad Caverns National Park1930New mexico46,766.45183,835
Great Smoky Mountains National Park1934Tennessee, North Carolina522,426.8812,095,720
Shenandoah National Park1935Virginia199,223.771,666,265
Olympic National Park1938Washington922,649.412,499,177
Kings Canyon National Park1940California461,901.20415,077
Isle Royale National Park1940Michigan571,790.306,493
Mammoth Cave National Park1941Kentucky54,011.91290,392
Big Bend National Park1944Texas801,163.21393,907
Everglades National Park1947Florida1,508,938.57702,319
Virgin Islands National Park1956United States Virgin Islands15,052.53167,540
Haleakala National Park1961Hawaii33,264.62319,147
Petrified Forest National Park1962Arizona221,390.21384,483
Canyonlands National Park1964Utah337,597.83493,914
North Cascades National Park1968Washington504,780.9430,885
Redwood National Park1968California138,999.37265,177
Arches National Park1971Utah76,678.981,238,083
Capitol Reef National Park1971Utah241,904.50981,038
Guadalupe Mountains National Park1972Texas86,367.10151,256
Voyageurs National Park1975Minnesota218,222.35263,091
Theodore Roosevelt National Park1978North Dakota70,446.89551,303
Badlands National Park1978South Dakota242,755.94916,932
Channel Islands National Park1980California249,561.00167,290
Biscayne National Park1980Florida172,971.11402,770
Katmai National Park1980Alaska3,674,529.3351,511
Glacier Bay National Park1980Alaska3,223,383.435,748
Gates of the Arctic1980Alaska7,523,897.452,872
Kenai Fjords National Park1980Alaska669,650.05115,882
Kobuk Valley National Park1980Alaska1,750,716.1611,185
Lake Clark National Park1980Alaska2,619,816.494,948
Wrangell St. Elias National Park1980Alaska8,323,146.4816,655
Great Basin National Park1986Nevada77,180.00120,248
National Park of American Samoa1988U. S. territory of American Samoa8,256.674,819
Dry Tortugas National Park1992Florida64,701.2248,543
Death Valley National Park1994California, Nevada3,408,406.73820,023
Saguaro National Park1994Arizona92,867.42762,226
Joshua Tree National Park1994California795,155.852,399,542
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park1999Colorado30,779.83341,620
Cuyahoga Valley National Park2000Ohio32,571.882,755,628
Congaree National Park2003South Carolina26,476.47119,306
Great Sand Dunes National Park2004Colorado107,341.87461,532
Pinnacles National Park2013California26,685.73165,740
Gateway Arch National Park2018Missouri192.83486,021
Indiana Dunes National Park2019Indiana15,349.082,293,106
White Sands National Park2019New Mexico146,344.31415,383
New River Gorge National Park2020West Virginia7,0211,054,374